How to book?
  • Select the appropriate service based on the size of your space.
  • Choose your preferred date + time slot and enter your details in the booking pop-up.
  • Choose your add-ons, then click submit
  • All done! You will receive a confirmation email shortly.
Why are the time slots fixed?

The time slots are spaced out to give enough buffer time for shoots that might exceed the usual duration. If you would like to book at a different timing, drop us a message!

How much do the services cost?

Pricing can be found in the booking pop-up description for each respective service

How do I make payment?

We will send you an invoice after the shoot. We accept PayNow, Credit/Debit Card, and GrabPay! Payment is handled securely via Stripe.

When will I receive my Virtual Tour/Photos?

The content will be delivered within 3 working days, or after payment is completed.

What's included with a Virtual Tour?

All our virtual tours come with 7 tour generated photos, a basic floor plan as well as 6 months of free hosting.

What are tour generated photos?

Matterport automatically "captures" photos from every uploaded tour, from angles selected by their software. As such, the photos are usually not the best. We recommend choosing our DSLR photography add-on for high quality, professional shot photos.